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Yugioh Cards Combos and Tips Yu-gi-oh Trading card Game

Yugioh Cards Dueling Combos and Tips
Yu-gi-oh Trading Card Game
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Combos and Tips

Hane-Hane+ Card Destruction

UseHane-Hane and then send your opponents strongests monster back to his hand(preferably Blue-Eyes)and then use your Card Destructionbut be careful to watch out for the draw after you use Card Destruction.

Change of Heart+Raigeki

This is a pretty simple combo. First use Change of Heart to take control of your opponents monster(or at least one of them if he has others) then use it to attack. Then use Raigeki to take it off the field. This combo works best if your opponent only has 1 monster on the field and if your using Dark Hole make sure you haven't played any monsters yet so that after your battle phase you can play a monster to defend your LP(life points for all you abbreviantion impaired nuts out there).

Dark Hole(or Raigeki)+Lord of d.+Flute Of the summening dragon+2 dragons cards.

First make sure you have no good cards on your field than use Darkhole, after that put down your Lord of D. and the Flute of Summuning Dragon,it then calls both of your dragon cards out onto the field and you dont have to sacrifice for them,then just attack your opponents life points and if you have Blue Eyes White Dragon+Tri Horn Dragon thats gonna be some heavy damage.

Bring out Exodia in 3 Turns!

Cards needed: Exodia the Forbidden One Right Leg of the Forbidden One Left Leg of the Forbidden One Right Arm of the Forbidden One Left Arm of the Forbidden One 2x Sangan 2x Witch of the Black Forest 3x Last Wills 3x Magician of Faith

Okay this is what you do. If the opponent has a monster stronger(in attack mode) then Sangan and the Witch of the Black Forest (and if you a few Last Wills and Mage of Faith) in your hand, then put it on the attack mode. Thats right (even if the guy uses trap hole)and attack it killing yourslef and getting a part of Exodia.

Now the tricky part: Oh no, was a monster just sent to the graveyard on your turn!? Now you can use Last Will to bring out *gasp* Sangan or Witch of the Black Forest. (If your lucky, you well have two or even all three if you do get all three...your one really lucky b@st@rd...) If you don't have any more Last Wills, then put the Mage of Faith in the field. If you don't it right, you should have three parts of Exodia in one turn. Just repeat until you have them all....of course if he pulls put White Magical Hat, has Robbin' Goblin on, etc. your pretty much screwed. That is why it is always good to have a few Magic Jammers for that pesky Card Destruction. Keep a few traps in handy just in case. *Wink Wink*

2Hot Killer Combos

Combo #1 I used this to kill my opponent without attacking once!
Just Desserts (Possibly kill your opponent in a few turns!!)
Some of you might do this one already but here goes.
Cards needed - Just desserts + Hane-Hane + Crass Clown + Dark Hole + Monster Reborn + Mask of Darkness
Do you see where I'm going?
1. Use Just Desserts to its full potential (not for just one monster). Flip Mask of Darkness to get it back. Flip Hane-Hane to get Mask back to your hand. Play Just Desserts. Play the Mask then flip it next turn. Use Just Desserts. Turn Crass-Clown to attack mode (if you want, a few Swords of Deep-Seated or better yet, Swords of Revealing Light to protect you) getting Maskie back to your hand. Again do the play Mask and play Just Desserts trick. Flip Mask then get Just Desserts back. (Optional- Dark hole and Monster Reborn on Mask and just wait a few turns) If they had 5 monsters out, that's 15000 Damage!! Yowza!!
 Combo # 2 A Different Opponent used this to kill me :(
Never get attacked for 15 (maybe 18) turns!
Cards needed- Magician of faith + Monster Reborn + Hane-Hane + Crass Clown + Dark Hole + Swords of Revealing Light + Big Bad Monster (he used Sangan of Thunder :\ ) Get it yet?
All you have to do is the above combo (but Magician of Faith = Mask of Darkness, and Swords of Revealing light = Just Desserts)